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Olive Oil Cake

a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Makes one 9x5" Loaf

1 1/2 cups olive oil

1 1/4 cups sugar  

Zest of 2 lemons

6 eggs 

1 Tsp vanilla extract

2 cups flour

1 1/2 Tsp baking soda 

1/4 Tsp salt 

Follow these instructions (from Chef Nick himself!) to make Olive Oil Cake at home:

1. Whisk all ingredients together until smooth.

2. Preheat your oven to 300°F, and let the batter rest for an hour.

3. Coat a loaf pan with cooking spray and pour in the batter.

4. Bake in your preheated oven for about 80 minutes, turning halfway through. It will be golden brown and a toothpick should come out clean.

5. Let the cake cool in the pan, then slice and enjoy!

6. (Optional) Mix powdered sugar with a little lemon juice for a classic glaze to pour over your cooled cake.


Cake wrapped/covered in the fridge should keep for up to a week!

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